The new TVS Jupiter Classic 110 is launched know more

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The new TVS Jupiter Classic 110 is launched in the Indian market, so know about this scooter’s specs

TVS Motor Company has unveiled the domestic debut of the new TVs Jupiter Classic as a commemorative edition to honor the “Five Million Vehicles On Road” milestone. The mirror highlights, fender garnish, tinted visor, and 3D black premium branding on the new TVS Jupiter Classic are all black.

Handlebar ends, diamond-cut alloy wheels and deep dark brown inner panels are other highlights. Customers will also receive superior suede leatherette seats with backrests, as well as decals and dial art that reflect a retro mood. This variation is available in two distinct colors: Mystic Grey and Regal Purple.

The TVS Jupiter Classic comes standard with disc brakes, an engine cutoff button, an all-in-one lock, a USB charger, and a pillion backrest. Aniruddha Haldar, Senior Vice President (Marketing) – Commuters, Corporate Brand & Dealer Development, TVS Motor Company, said during the launch: “The new TVS Jupiter Classic stands at the top of the line and is ex-showroom priced at Rs. 85,866 with disc brakes”

It is powered by a 110 cc low-friction engine that provides an ‘amazing blend of power, excellent acceleration, and best-in-class fuel efficiency.’ The metal-bodied TVS Jupiter Classic is intended to give high-performance ride quality as well as “excellent riding comfort, making it a great, sensible partner.”

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