Royal Infield Shotgun 650 with the Super Meteor

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The Royal Infield Shotgun 650 has been observed testing, and it will be available in India soon. The Shotgun 650 will be based on RE’s SG650 Concept, which was unveiled at EICMA.

The Royal Infield Shotgun 650 is expected to cost between $3,00,000 and $3,50,000.


RE Shotgun 650 India will be available shortly.

What’s notable about this test is how well-finished it appears to be. The motorcycles have no data-logging equipment, and the body panels do not appear to be mock-ups. In fact, they all appear to fit together very well, and the paint finish appears to be quite beautiful as well. All of this means that the bike is nearing the end of its testing cycle and that an official debut isn’t far away.

Royal Infield Shotgun 650 and Super Meteor 650 might share a chassis.

Royal Infield Shotgun 650

Despite their differences, the Shotgun and Super Meteor are believed to share a platform, with several chassis similarities observable between the two motorcycles. The basic frame, braking hardware, upside-down fork, and twin shock absorbers all appear to be nearly identical, at least in appearance.

Of course, both motorcycles will use the same 648cc, air- and oil-cooled parallel-twin engine that powers the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. It now generates 47.5hp and 52Nm, and these values are unlikely to alter significantly in the new versions.

Model NameRoyal Infield Shotgun 650
Engine size648cc
Price3lsks to 3.5 laks
Expected colorblack, dark blue, maroon, and silver.

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